Cooper "Domino" Lorello Born November 26th 2005 (16) is a streamer and former semi pro gamer. Domino started his career early on, joining team ROG for phantom forces at age 10 and then competing in the small league of professional shell shock. at age 14 he signed to team "Bitter Sweet" until he was picked by semi pro team "Zaida" as a CSGO pro. Domino then was banned on April 17th 2020 for using the drug known as Adderall to enhance his focus in the pro match against "KINGS Esports" and will be unbanned on April 17th 2022. Domino now streams Valorant and has confirmed his return for pro play in April. Dominos last competitive match up was in early September playing under "team nexus" on their Valorant team.

Primary Games